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Coach Ludwig Sánchez

Coach Sanchez has been involved in the soccer community for the last 9 years, has played soccer 15 years, he still runs half marathons and 10K at 40 years he can still run the mile in under 6 min, some of his achievements are;

  • developing 7 different premier teams, most of them starting from lower divisions making it all the way to the top premier state divisions,
  • A dozen in state 1st place tournaments.
  • 3 gold bracket Presidents cup championships
  • helping in the development of many ODP talented players along the way.

He has taken all different 'E', 'D', 'C' & 'B' US Soccer National licenses (no waivers 🙂 ) and is working to obtain the 'A' sometime this year, he is also a certified speed & agility coach and is taking Sports Psychology independent courses at BYU.

My Story

Mettle Athlete was born due necessity players have to obtain better coaching in every aspect of the game, experience has given us the knowledge to better understand the player to then properly adjust the many important physical, technical & tactical factors of the game considering the Psychological the base of all of them.


Ludwig Sanchez

Founder & CEO

Community Leader, Entrepreneur, Customer Relations, Sports Psychology, Athlete, Facilitator &


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