February 5, 2017

Moving forward..

I honestly didn’t know I was going to enjoy and love soccer as much as I do now, you see… I never fake where I played when I was young nor convince people to join my program pretending to be someone I am not, in fact, I wish I had better opportunities or guidance to develop as I see now there are tons around here. I was a very active young lad in my best years and I did consider myself an athlete, I was a decent soccer player and good Basketball player and better more a great runner.

I am new at many things and my reasons to create a soccer program, although have been evolved, the foundation and inspiration to do so have always been to provide a welcoming environment where inclusion and not exclusion could prevail among peers, where the atmosphere is a family friendly one balancing the many factors to keep up the highest competition possible. I wanted to create something where even parents as being involved could feel they are being part of something important for the better of their children and the community in general.
It’s hard to convince people of one’s vision and even harder to convince them to work at the same rhythm to keep up the objectives and mission, I have learned many lessons, and I’d like to think I am humble enough to accept my mistakes and keep an open mind to keep moving forward. However, I also think I need to give the real value of my own work, knowledge, and experience