Individual to Semi individual

1 hour session ( one time only);

One player $50, two players $70 ($35 each), 3 players $80 ($28 each) - 4 players $90 ($23 each)

Pre-Paid 6 Sessions: 

  • One player $240,
  • Two $320 ($160 each player)
  • Three players $390 ($130 each player)
  • Four players $440 ($110 each player).


Groups Sessions


Group sessions with a minimum of 8 limited to 12 individuals willing to learn and commit to practicing 8 sessions per month 1 hour each- $80.00 per person.

Drills and exercises are focused 100% on game oriented specific technical and tactical situations to create better habits in their soccer development.

Team Sessions 9 -18 players

We can run sessions to full teams ages 9-18,  from speed and agility, to build out of the back topics and more, according to the coaches requests or needs, $10 per player 1 hour and 15 min per session.

Team evaluation will be provided at the end of the 3 sessions.


Sports Psychology techniques coach will recommend

Off the field mental rehearsal scenarios such as.

  • Visualization
  • Positive Self-talk
  • Imagery
  • ... and more


Mental Strong players are

·       Self-discipline

When an ‘athlete learner’, acquires the knowledge and understanding, along with the qualities of self-control and self-restraint, then it is called self-discipline. Such an athlete knows what to do, when to do and how to do it; and can contribute to the team’s collective self-discipline and performance. Improved self-discipline means improved self-confidence.

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